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Awesome article

Here: "Guard position isn't just something you simply do. I've seen many a man strike a fierce pose, a grimace on his face. And not have a clue as to why he's even doing it. Perhaps too many movies. You see each 'on guard position' you are taught to assume has a vital purpose."
"Simply study (and realize) the true basis of all of this material which we all so diligently pursue is just human motion, dynamic human motion. Nothing more, nothing less."

Interesting article about knife that could just as easily have been written about sword. 

Thrusting in Meyer's longsword

"I will here remind the friendly reader at the outset, since there is a great difference between sword combat in our time and how it was practised by our predecessors and the combat masters of old, that this account of the cuts will only cover what is currently in use and pertinent to the sword. And as to the practice of former days, when they fought dangerously both with cuts and thrusts, I will discuss it in its proper and separate place." - Meyer

Meyer is interesting when it comes to thrusting. He directly says thrusting has fallen out of fashion and it's a great difference between his art and the art of the past. Some people have taken to mean that Meyer does not "do" thrusting, that the whole system is a type of "sport" fencing and therefore flawed.

However, in true HEMA style, I would argue that this is incorrect.

Mainly because there are examples of thrusting in his long sword, these are just a couple I found within a couple of minutes flicking …