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Kit Review: Heron Armoury - Meyers Longsword

This is a custom sword made by Tim Noyes aka Heron Armoury.

A little about Tim. I've bought perhaps a half dozen swords off Tim over the years. As a supplier of re-enactment swords he's might be a little off the beaten track for some HEMA practitioners so to put him in context he is probably the best there is in the middle end of the UK re-enactment sword market. This includes the usual favorite re-enactment suppliers like Armour Class or St George's Armoury.

In my experience Heron Armoury is slightly cheaper than most mid range sword suppliers, re-enactment or otherwise. Also unlike many mid range suppliers he doesn't usually have a 6 - 12 month waiting list. His swords also don't have such a mass produced and "off the shelf" feel as say St George's Armoury or Albion Swords.

My experience of Heron Armoury swords are that they are solid, reliable lasters. They do not burr easily and I've never heard of them breaking. Often times they show their w…

Great quote

"We do a lot of errors ourselves. So we should tolerate those who do bullshit in our eyes. Only by showing something better in a way that attracts students, we can overcome bullshit and by this we force even the charlatans to learn themselves and change to promoters of the art." - Johann Paulus Kal (from Facebook)