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How to effectively train the Master Strikes

To teach the master strikes it is important to keep in mind one truth: the strike itself isn't masterful it is how it is done that is masterful. Therefore to teach them you cannot remove them from the context but must use the context of the fight to show how awesome they are. 
I created this loose play to provide context within which to train the strikes:
1.Participants separate completely out of measure 2.Patient adopts a position with their sword 3.Agent steps through a guard to strike the strongest opening (they may make only one action to strike but they can vary the line in mid strike depending on the Patients reaction) 4.Patient can parry the strike (they may make one action to parry) but must do so at the correct moment or the Agent will redirect and land the strike 5.When the Agent touches the Patient the Patient can make one offensive action with one step, the Agent must withdraw out of measure
This is run at ¾ speed and it doesn't stop for actions, so if the patient does…