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Tournament 2018 Thoughts

My Club has just completed their 2018 open tournament. This post is a summary of my thoughts on this experience and follows from this and this posts from previous years.

As an overview, the tournament is now pretty convincingly the largest in New Zealand. A number of competitors this year called it the "national" HEMA tournament. It's not a target we aimed at but it's understandable why people think this. This year we had about 50 competitors from 6 different Clubs (not including mine) from throughout the whole Country.

I wasn't organising this year though, as Club President, I did take on my share of tasks and general cat herding to keep things moving.

This year we pretty much repeated the format of previous years so it was over two days with the Saturday full of serious competitions and the Sunday with informal fun activities. On Saturday we had:
Synthetic SideswordSteel Single SwordTournament Beginners Competition LongswordSpearMixed Weapon The ruleset is that…