Sword fit

I found a length of steel barrel in my garden (1m long, 2inch diameter, 5mm thick bit of steel) and for a while I was using it as a sword waster. Recently as the weather has been less than perfect I started developing these little exercises as my rainy day indoor training. It's quite straight forward, all without stepping:

Exercise 1: Zornhau

Start in the guard of the Day (here I adopt the guard from Goliath because I don't want to put a hole in the ceiling!) and push the barrel through into longpoint. I don't let it drop below the horizontal. I'm doing it nice and slowly, in complete control and repeat until I can feel it in all the muscles in my forearms.

Exercise 2: Krumphau

Simply moving the barrel from one side to the other and back again, don't let it drop all the way til it's pointing at the floor, make sure you maintain control at all times. Again, repeating until I can feel it in my muscles

Exercise 3: Zwerchhau

I keep the arms extended and the "cut" as horizontal as possible. Moving from side to side.


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