Kit Review: Light Sparring Gloves

"Made from the same high-quality leather and stitch construction that sets our Swordsmans' Gloves apart from the competition, we have added a super-dense martial arts foam, along the fingers, thumb, metacarpal bones and wrist. The quilting pattern is specially designed to allow for superior mobility in the hand, fingers, thumb and wrist." You can find at:

Ordering from Revival in the USA is fine, though their postage is a little on the pricey side. Despite some dodgy behavior in association with payment of authors through Chivalry Bookshelf they receive a lot of kudos from me as the original HEMA goods supplier.

Edit: after posting this I decided my gloves could do with replacing and placed a order for new gloves. When they arrived it turned out that I had been sent two right hand gloves. Unfortunately since then despite emailing them through several different stated email addresses I haven't been able to get a response to rectify this. I would therefore forewarn people that it appears that Revival has become unreliable.


I'll try and not make this a homage to these gloves. I bought my last pair in 2007 and I've worn them until they literally fell apart in 2012.

I find them perfect for 90% of HEMA activities. They are light and flexible enough to work well during drilling and general training. They also have just the right amount of padding to protect you during partner exercises and light sparing but not so much padding they you cannot grip and manipulate your weapon. The long cuff up the forearm is also excellent.


They are not suitable for full intention sparring, though they do make excellent under armour gauntlets.

The stitching in the unpadded palm area does tend to come apart and requires reenforcing eventually.

They are not as "grippy" as some modern material gloves.


See above edit. I would happy recommend the item but now it appears that the company that produces them is no longer reliable. I believe you can still get them via timeseller in Europe and I would recommend you try this company.

Edit: I notice that SPES are making "Light Sparring Gloves", while I've no experience of them going by their excellent jacket I would suggest they could be worth a try: 


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