Kit review: titan clubbells

"But yet after he has sometime travailed with a light weapon, then it is necessary according as he feels himself to increase in strength of arm, that he take another in hand, that is something heavier, and such a one as will put him to a little more pain, but yet not so much, that his swiftness in motion be hindered thereby. And as his strength increases, to increase likewise the weight by little and little." - Giacomo di Grassi

Titan Clubbells

"Club bells are designed to be like ancient training clubs used by warriors of past millennia, providing strengthening to the bodies main muscle groups. The reason why they can be beneficial is that unlike many traditional free weight exercises, clubbell exercises are multi-plane movements, stressing the muscles from every imaginable angle! The ability to perform these swinging exercises also draws heavily on the core for support and stability, meaning that almost every club bell exercise is also a fantastic core exercise!"

This is a bit of a follow on from this previous post. I've retired my steel pipe and replaced it with two clubbells picked up on sale from No1 Fitness. I've gone for a 2kg and a 4kg, total cost $30 plus postage. The 2kg I'm using as a training tool for single handed technique and the 4kg for longsword, just doing guard and cutting drills as normal.

Ordering review

Really simple process, online storefront and local company so nothing to report here.


Did I mention it was $30 plus postage? These are great tools, approximately twice as heavy as my sparring swords. They're also really short, about 30-40cm long, so nice and handy for using inside. Also the fact that they are steel and not concrete wrapped in plastic means they're actually very small, and easily enough carried to take to training.


They're not as good looking as a Swing?


Pretty sweet training tool. Like training using a heavy waster and like a Swing in that it's great for indoor use, but a fraction of the price.


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