Kit Mod: Blacking the Blackfencer

My only criticism in my review of the Blackfencer sythetics was that the unprotected steel easily rusts and that this is a level of care I really would rather not be bothered with in a synthetic weapon.

I investigated several options for steel care and decided upon gun bluing as the best option. Frankly it's been a breeze to put this onto mild-steel like the Blackfencer guards. I went and bought some inexpensive "gun blue" liquid from a hunting shop (Outers Gun Blue). Be careful in your purchase as their is blue for Steel and blue for Aluminium, putting the wrong thing on could be awkward. While it's called "blue" you can select from blue to black and I went with the blackest option. I picked the smallest volume bottle (60ml) and so far I've gone through half a bottle to do four weapons.

It's pretty simple to apply. Firstly you fully de-grease your steel. I used a simple degreasing spray and gave the metal and good once over with some sandpaper to remove any oil or rust. Then you get the bluing liquid and paint it on your metal, leave for 5 minutes, rinse off with water and then dry thoroughly. I've found it takes about 4-5 coats to get a deep black colour but all in all couldn't be easier.

The end result looks pretty good and will hopefully provide a much lower maintenance training tool.


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