Moral of this story: read the sources, it's not difficult!

"most of my understanding of Hema comes from the sources but I could never tell you where because I rely on people like you to read and relay the techniques. It saves me from having to read the treatises directly myself which I’m more than happy to do because, yes, I’m lazy and more than happy for others to do the hard work if I can still benefit just as much :) ^_^ In the end though it leaves me with little ability to point out or even know which treatise contains the things I’m absorbing and learning." - Shadiversity8

I don't really engage much with people online these days but when I do it tends to be to simply drop a knowledge bomb on them in terms of a direct quote from a source that discusses the topic they are asking for information on. Really, often that's all there is to a discussion.

Perennial classics are: Silver says you should never do "False times"

"If you meet with one that cannot strike from his ward, upon such a one you may both double & false & so deceive him" - Silver, Paradoxes of Defence 

Another classic: you never thrust in Meyer longsword

"Rule: when you stand in the Right or Left Wrath, and one strikes to you from below committing to your right or left opening, then strike high outward with the long edge and, just as it engages, then shoot the point on his sword inward to his face, just then drive off with your hands and work to the next opening with elements of going before or after." 

I think this ties back into the point that there are few absolutes in terms of technique in historical fighting. It is possible make points based on a specific treatise, such as a certain author advising you to do something, but drawing out mass generalisations is risky. To be fair with both the examples above Meyer and Silver are definitely down on both thrusting (for safety reasons) and false times respectively but it's not the same as making a blanket statement that such technique was "wrong."  

So, this is a nuance that is likely to escape you if you are relying for all your information from other people rather than the sources themselves. There seem to be a number of people who speak authoritatively on the subject who are relying on secondhand info from people who themselves might dealing with the sources from a remove.

My advice, there are some very simple sources out there. Start with one, Di Grassi or John Taylor would be my recommendations for easy starting material. 


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