Kit Review: Absolute Force Fighter Gloves

"This gauntlet offers serious protection and mobility to those who need it! A deeply bifurcated finger shell, lobster tail (3 Finger Style) articulation and a reinforced thumb make our glove a force to be reckoned with. After beta testing the initial sets we came back with our improved model that has taken to heart what you the community said you wanted in a gauntlet. Available in M and L."
You can find it at:

Firstly abit about the Company. Ordering from the USA was no problem and they responded well to email inquiries. The postage was swift and well packaged. Total kudos for AF for making a range of HEMA specific items.


It's deifnitely nice and light, so a big win on that regard.

Protection wise it's also quite good - it can take a snipe at the hands, though I wouldn't trust it to take a full Wrath cut. The reinforced thumb is a good touch.


I don't like it. I really want to like it but the three finger "lobster tail" grip just doesn't work for me. I like to use my fingers and I change my grip quite often.

Also, for me, I find it awkward with the glove getting in the way when I cut. It feels rigid in the places I want it to be soft and soft in the places it'd be nice to have rigid. People have mentioned that you need to "break them in" and I've worn them a little but it's hard to wear them when they interfere so much with your cutting.


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