Kit review: "Axel Pettersson" Fencing Jacket - From SPES

"A fencing jacket designed with the help and suggestions of Axel Pettersson, to serve the needs of the Swedish schools of historical fencing ("Gothenburg Historical Fencing School" in particular). "

A quick review of this bit of kit. Firstly though before talking about the jacket. Ordering from SPES, a Polish company, couldn't have been easier. They were quick to reply to any question, their English was excellent and the shipping was super fast.


1. It's a real pleasure to don something that was not designed for re-enactment. There is velcro and a zip rather than fiddly little ties or large metal buckles. There has obviously been no concession to creating an "authenticity" look in terms of machine stitching and it is a very solid garment. While the design has dispensed with the re-enactment orientated guff the cut and fit of the arms has clearly been inspired by historical designs and there is near perfect arm movement without an constraint from the jacket: it is possible to raise into a Vom Tag without the jacket rising up with your shoulders.

2. It's also a real pleasure to don something that was not designed with sports fencing in mind. Despite being an off center "front" opening jacket, like a fencing jacket, there is substantial overlap and padding over the front. The neck is also high like a fencing jacket but is well padded.


1. Price. It's not cheap, especially if you live in New Zealand and have to factor in shipping. In the region of $500 not cheap.
2. It's not that heavily padded, though it's done me perfectly fine up until now with no complaints.


It's quality. If you've got the cash and don't want to make do with a re-enactment garment I would recommend it.


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