Kit mod: SPES Forearm and Elbow Protectors V.2

A follow on from this post.

My main "issue" with these was that the elbow cops were clearly designed to be worn over a padded jacket and are not really able to be worn without one. For 99% of my training I fight with a light fencing jacket or just a t-shirt so I've been looking for a way to make these work better.

In the end I hit on a solution that was so obvious I'm feeling slightly stupid about not doing this ages ago. I've got a cheap pair of skateboarding elbow/forearm protectors that I've been using for years and have generally preferred because while not so protecting they are easier to put on and have a elbow cup that works.

So, I cut off the elbow cup and sewed on a piece of Velcro and now these attach to the SPES protector with a perfect fit.

You can see what I'm talking about from these, as usual, barely adequate photos.


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