Kit mod: budget club sword rack

Not really a kit mod but it seems the most appropriate place to put it.

Every club needs sword racks right? Otherwise you're just tripping over swords all the time. However making them can be something you'd rather put off as it'll tax your basic carpentry skills. However it need not be so. Following from a chat on my club Facebook page I got to thinking how easy it would be to turn a couple of pallets I've got into racks.

So taking a couple of these small pallets it turned out to be the easiest thing in the word to cut a few panels off and then nail them to the bottom. Hey presto, sword racks.

They're not pretty or clever but do they hold swords off the ground? Yep. Mission accomplished. They're also relatively light and not something that you'd be scared about chucking in the back of an van or leaving in the rain at a show etc.

Incidentally if anyone is wondering reciprocating saws are the tool to use when taking pallets apart. I've made a whole pile of things from pallets and using this saw makes it totally zero effort. Making two of these racks took me a total of 30mins from thinking "should I make some racks?" to "huh, better take a picture." In fact it's probably taken me longer to write this than to make the second rack.


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